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PP: FluffyMcNugglets by EdenHall
PP: FluffyMcNugglets
FluffyMcNugglets~ Because how the heck do you make a shipping name out of Rollo and Matilde? Matillo? Rollide? Nothing sounded right to me. 

Have some sparkly, adorableness as Rollo does everything she can to make Matilde (Mati?) feel extra super speciaal~ Like a princess, or whatever she wishes. Paper hearts and Flower Crown included. 

Matilde (c) RadicalFred
Rollo and art (c) me

OFM: Cotton Candy Three-headed Pooch by EdenHall
OFM: Cotton Candy Three-headed Pooch
Poodle Cerberus are the beesst Cerberus'

Nickname(s): Amy
Gender: female
Age:  Old as the Colosseum
Species: Cerberus
Class: Demon
Kingdom Affiliation: Alfeios Kingdom, Kingdom of Dusk
Occupation: Queen

Human form: Yes
Height:  petite SHORT
Weight: adorably light
Beast form: Yes
Height: Bigger than a horse
Weight: Heavy enough to sit on you.

- Shapeshifting (default skill)
- Fast Healing (default skill)
- Brute Strength
- Venomous Bite

Personanlity:  It's said that music soothes the savage beast, unfortunately for whoever might be playing; that is not the case for Amynta-in fact, she might bite the hell out of you instead for trying. Stubborn and biased to a fault, this Cerberus can be nearly impossible to deal with; which is something she's quite aware of. Most likely to care for her own problems, before anyone else, she is selfish and self-centered; easily deciding that whatever issue is happening can never be as bad nor important as what's going on with her. Due to this, it can make her seem rather distant and unconcerned. Despite this, she can be a good friend-once you make it past her stubborn exterior. True to her nature, Amynta is very protective over those who she considers important to her and if you happen to find a way to chip away her outer shell you will have a friend who will never betray you nor disappear when you need her the most. Be mindful though, if the situation isn't as important as you make it out to be, while she will help you; she won't be happy about it.

History: The gate. That gate. Most of Amynta's world revolved around that gate, from the time that she was a pup, she had been raised and taught to guard that gate; to protect it at all costs and keep any soul who tried to escape from getting out. Or perhaps get in. Whatever the reason, she was there to defend it. It was her duty. However, after many years, this 'duty' of hers began to grow stale and dull. It was the same old thing, the same old souls. The whole act had lost its shine and the souls had lost their flavor. To be completely honest-she was bored. Beyond bored in fact. As time went on, she began to wonder what it was like in the world above, what went on, what people did-all that. All she knew were rumors, rumors of light and grass and cats? Yeah cats-although she wasn't sure what to make of them; Imps with fur? Was that what cats were? She wasn't sure. The more unsure she grew, the more she wanted know. Until she was determined to find this 'world' herself. The only question was how. As time went on, Amynta found herself asking whoever she could about the outside world-mostly smaller dogs; hellhounds and the likes. Which only strengthened her curiosity.

The bored Cerberus finally found her solution thanks to the visit of a powerful stranger. Dared to try to overpower Amynta, the confused dog found herself grabbed and heaved up on the stranger's shoulders with a sack of flour-not her most glorifying hour. Carried out of the underworld and away from that stupid gate, Amynta could only wonder at the world around her. It wasn't until this said stranger was planning on taking her back did Amynta make her move. Instead of returning to the gate which she was supposed to guard, she bolted. Never to return to that boring place. They could raise and train someone else to guard it. They did it once-they could do it again.

Several years past, and similar to the underworld, the Cerberus soon became bored of this world again. You know, after a few incidents with cats, and as well as quite a few raids upon farmer's lands-leaving rumors of a fierce monstrous dog raiding cattle and stealing the farmer's hounds-she headed off to find something more interesting. Which she found within the Island of Mythos-after she overthrew the original ruler at first. The way they were doing things wasn't good nor interesting at all. So they had to go-right out the window.

Place of Origin: the underworld Ancient Greece
Reason for coming to Mythos: Found it more interesting then what was going on in the rest of the world, overthrew the original ruler. No really-she hurled them out the window.
Likes: Dogs, digging holes, peppermint, throwing people, snow
Dislikes: CATS, boredom, water, the cold,  'soothing' music

Time in Mythos:
Amynta arrive 67 years prior to the current time in Mythos

Extra info:
:bulletpurple:Amynta has a soft spot for adorable plushies, mostly doggie plushies. But will never admit it.
:bulletpurple:She has several pet dogs, which may seem weird for a Cereberus. They're yappy, annoying dogs.
:bulletpurple:Soothing music does not sooth this beast, she'll bite you
:bulletpurple:She doesn't like the water, she never has. As far as she's concerned, it's evil and she doesn't want to go anywhere near it.
:bulletpurple:Is biased when it comes to certain things-cats especially.
:bulletpurple:If given the chance, she will dig a hole to china or where ever she decides is a good place to dig to. Then leave the hole for someone else to clean up.
:bulletpurple:Her appearance is roughly based upon her most dominate head-as well as the only one that stands out.
:bulletpurple:She can change the size of her beast form, usually between the size of a small dog to the size of a large Clydesdale.
:bulletpurple:Due to her length of time in the underworld, her opinion of things is very biased and thick-headed. Being in a secluded area effected her view on things. Not to mention most of her time was spent attacking and barking at people, so her people skills were effected as well.
:bulletpurple:She likes digging holes. What happens after she digs the hole isn't her problem; digging them was the best part.

:bulletyellow:Meet Once:bulletyellow: :bulletwhite:Acquaintance:bulletwhite: :bulletgreen:Friends:bulletgreen: :bulletblue:Close Friends:bulletblue: :bulletred:Dislike:bulletred: :bulletblack:Hate:bulletblack: :bulletorange:Not Sure:bulletorange: :bulletpink:Special:bulletpink:

:bulletyellow: Ddraig, Kinjirou, Bastet
:bulletwhite: n/a
:bulletgreen: Panini (Sphinx NPC),
:bulletblue: n/a
:bulletred: n/a
:bulletblack: n/a
:bulletorange: n/a
:bulletpink: n/a

User Information:

GMT -5 (EST)

Rp Mediums:
Chatroom, Skype, notes
-feel free to ask for my skypename
-a little slow with notes sometimes.
Candy Creature by EdenHall
Candy Creature
Treats. Appearantly my mind takes me to weird places, seeing how the thought of treats made me think of some living, gumball machine and a grumpy one with that…the kind that would spit gumballs in your face if you tried to take candy from it.

Perhaps the creature itself is living and not the gumball machine. Liike it possessed the gumball machine. Who knows-my brain is strange.

creature (c) me
Pumpkin-Munch by EdenHall
Ittss Mr. Munch-muunnch! How long has it been since I've drawn this silly goof of a dog. Foreveer! I can tell you that. I miss drawing this weird doggie character of mine; even though every time I draw him, he looks a little different.

I can tell you one thing, he's always getting into trouble and this time, it seems like trouble found him-in the form of a pumpkin. Which is currently stuck on his head. Silly munchy puppy.

mr. Munch-munch and art (c) me


EdenHall's Profile Picture
came from beneath your bed
United States
Current Residence: under your bed with the Boogieman
Interests long has it been since I updated this thing? Seriously..

May I ask a question? Let's say that I decided to do Commissions? And not liike normal commissions-which I guess I couuld do once I updated my prices...maybe? I mean like, design commissions, commissions of creatures that someone has requested or something like that...would anyone buy them?

Furthermore, how much would someone pay for them? I know i've made some adoptables before and I've never actually gotten very far-but it doesn't mean that I'll give them on making them since I like making creatures.

So...can anyone help me out? What would you pay for design commissions and the like. Anyone?


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